About Carlson-LaVine

We are proud of our continuous service in the commercial construction industry since 1941. We are also proud that the name "Carlson-LaVine" has become synonymous with superior construction service dedicated to fulfilling all of our clients' construction needs. We can provide superior services because we have a collaborative, methodical approach and the best professionals in the industry to execute our approach.

Our Approach: On-time, on-budget construction projects do not occur by happenstance. At Carlson-LaVine, we understand that every project relies on systematic and creative partnerships by all project team members. We recognize the value of the construction team. The owner, architects, engineers and all project team members bring unique skills to a construction project and Carlson-LaVine is committed to collaborating with the entire project team to provide the best opportunity for a successful construction project. We ensure that informed decisions can be made by maintaining open lines of communication and distributing all current information to team members including updated schedules and cost analysis. Our approach creates on-time, on-budget, best value projects.

Our People: The strength of a company lies largely with its employees. In the construction industry, the caliber of every employee is critical because, like a link in our chain of excellence, each has the ability to affect the outcome and quality of a job. Details count, so each member of the construction team must take a proactive approach to all aspects of a project. At Carlson-LaVine, we have a workforce of highly trained professionals who join us to build their careers for one simple reason: they share our commitment to excellence. Each employee stays at the cutting edge with training and a company-wide culture that encourages them to take a leadership role in the outcome of each project. With one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry, Carlson-LaVine is proud of its employees and the expertise and level of care they bring to each project to ensure a successful outcome.