Oct 21 2015

Fairview Lakes Medical Center Receives New MRI

At the Fairview Lakes Medical Center in Wyoming, MN, the new MRI unit has been successfully installed. Significant planning was required for Carlson-LaVine to coordinate the MRI delivery through the emergency room entrance while still allowing patient care to continue uninterrupted.

Early morning on October 12th, Carlson-LaVine created a clear 8’ x 8’ path for the delivery. Creating the path involved removing and reinstalling double fire doors and redirecting hospital traffic around the delivery pathway.

On Tuesday, October 13th, the unit was delivered and carefully moved into the awaiting MRI Suite. Carlson-Vine then immediately worked to close the pathway and put the fire doors back into place while patching the surrounding finishes to look like new. Carlson-LaVine worked closely with the hospital staff to ensure minimum disruption during this highly involved process.

Following delivery the new MRI unit was calibrated by Siemens and the suite will be open to see patients in early November.

Thank you to everyone who participated with this successful addition to the Fairview Lakes Medical Center.